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Articles 1999



H. BelHadjSalah  F. Sidiroff A. Dogui         "Un algorithme de calcul des structures élastoplastiques pour l'identification de lois de comportement des matériaux" Revue européenne des éléments finis 8 1999 Elsevier Scopus 1.67



H. Ben Daly K. C.Cole B. Sanschagrin K. T.Nguyen        "An exprimtal technique for the characterization of molecular through the thichness of plastic products" Polymer Engineering and Science 39 1999   



H. Ben Daly K. T.Nguyen B. Sanschagrin K. C.Cole        "Effect of polymer properties on the structure of injection-molded parts" Polymer Engineering and Science 39 1999   



K. C.Cole H. Ben Daly B. Sanschagrin K. T.Nguyen A. Ajji       "A new approach to the characterization of molecular orientation in uniaxially and biaxially oriented samples of poly (ethylene terephthalate" Polymer Engineering and Science  1999   



R. Eleuch M. Zidi C. Bradai         "Effects of post -cure on the mechanical methods" Science an engineering of composite materials 8 1999  



L. Romdhane           "Design and Analysis of a hybrid serial-parallel manipulator " Mechanism and Machine Theory 34 1999   



A. Rebey B. ElJani A. Leycuras S. Laugt P. Gibart       "In situ optical monitoring of metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy growth of C-doped GaAs".  Appl. Phys.A   1999   



A. Rebey T. Boufaden B. ElJani J. Cryst        "In situ optical monitoring of the decomposition of GaN thin films" Journal of crystal Growth 203 1999   



Z. Chine B. Piriou M. Oueslati T. Boufaden B. ElJani J. Luminescence      "Antistokes photoluminescence of yellow band in GaN : evidence of two-phonon excitation process"   1999   



T. Boufaden A. Rebey B. ElJani         "Hot filament assisted metalorganic vapor phase deposition of GaN"   1999   



A. Bchetnia A. Rebey T. Boufaden B. ElJani J. Cryst       "Thermodynamic analysis of growth rate reduction by VCl4 during metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy".    1999   



T. Boufaden A. Rebey I. Halidou Z. Chine B. ElJani       "The GaN growth by a hot filament metalorganic vapor phase deposition technique."  Phys. Stat   1999   




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