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Articles 2000



M. Zidi L. Carpentier A. Chateauminois F. Sidiroff        "Quantitative analyis of the micro- indentation behaviour of fibre reinforced composites: Developpement and validation of an analytical model" Comp. Sc. & Tech. 60 2000   



F. Sidiroff A. Dogui          "Thermodynamics and duality in finite elastoplasticity" Continuum thermomechanics: the art and science of modelling material behavior. Book series: solid mechanics and its applications, Kluwer academic publishers 76 2000   



A. Benamara N. Ifaoui D. Deneux         "Intégration CAO /Calcul une démarche fonctionnelle intègrée" JESA (Journal Européen des Systèmes Automatisés) 34 2000   



M. Zidi  F. Sidiroff L. Carpentier A. Chateauminois A. Dogui       "Interface characterisation from the fibre indentation test" ZAMM  2000   



F. Rezigua H. Mejri A. Selmi A. Rebey        "Statistical analysis in the negative-U model of donors in AlxGa1-xAs:Si."  J. Appl. Phys  2000   



A. Missaoui M. Saadoun H. Ezzaouia B. Bessais T. Boufaden A. Rebey B. ElJani     "Growth of GaN films on parous silicon by MOVPE" J. Physica Status Solidi (a)   2000   



S. Guermazi A. Toureille B. ElJani         "Extended generation profile - EBIC model application in the case of a PN junction" Eur. Phys  2000   

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