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Articles 2011



A. B. Sghaier L. Romdhane F. Ben Ouezdou         "Analysis of tendinous in balancing the maximal fingertip force for normal and abnormal forefinger system" Computer methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering  2011 2011   



A. El Abed S. Msahli H. BelHadjSalah F. Sakli        "Study of woven fabric shear behaviour" The Journal of the Textile Institute 102 2011   



A. Daymi M. Boujelbene E. Bayraktar A. Benamara D. Katundi       "Influence of feed rate on surface integrity of titanium alloy in high speed milling" Advanced Materials Research 264-265 2011   



A. El Abed S. Msahli H. BelHadjSalah R. Zaouali F. Sakli       "Numerical simulation of woven fabric wrinkling" The Journal of the Textile Institute 102 2011   



I. Maatouk S. Msahli M. Zidi F. Sakli        "Three dimensional numerical simulation of continuous filaments migration in polypropylene twisted yarn, Part I Qualitative study" Research Journal of Textile and Apparel 15 2011   



I. Maatouk S. Msahli M. Zidi F. Sakli        "Three dimensional numerical simulation of continuous filaments migration in polypropylene twisted yarn, Part II Quantitative study" Research Journal of Textile and Apparel 15 2011   



A. Tekaya S. Labdi T. Benameur A. Piatkowska P. Aubert J. Jagielski      "Synthesis and optimization of Ti-TiN multilayered protective nanocoatings on Zr-based bulk metallic glass" Surface and Coatings Technology 205 2011   



B. Bellakhdhar A. Dogui J. L. Ligier         "Rigidité en flexion d'un vilebrequin" Mécanique et Industries 12 2011 EDP Sciences  0.6



E. Ftoutou M. Chouchane N. Besbès         "Internal combustion engine valve clearance fault classification using multivariate analysis of variance and discriminant analysis" Transactions of the institute of measurement and control  2011   



F. Gamaoun M. Letaief T. Bouraoui T. Ben Zineb        "Effect of Hydrogen on the tensile strength of Aged Ni-Ti Superelastic alloy" Journal of Intelligent material systems and structures 22 2011   



F. Gharbi S. Sghaier K.J. Al-Fadhalah T. Benameur        "Effect of ball burnishing process on the surface quality and microstructure properties of AISI 1010 steel plates" Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 20 2011   



F. Gharbi S. Sghaier H. Hamdi T. Benameur        "Ductility improvement of aluminum 1050A rolled sheet by a newly designed ball burnishing tool device" International journal of advanced manufacturing technology  2011   



M. Frija R. Fathallah L. ben Fkih         "Modeling of the superficial laser shock peening treatment process: Application on a titanium aircraft turbine engine blade" Applied Mechanics and Materials 62 2011   



H. Marouani H. Aguir          "Identification of material parameters of the Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman damage law by combined experimental, numerical sheet metal blanking techniques and artificial neural networks approach" International journal of Material forming  2011   



H. Aguir H. Bel.HadjSalah R. Hambli         "Parameter identification of an elasto-plastic behaviour using artificial neural networks-genetic algorithm method"  Materials and design 32 2011   



A. Amamou M. Chouchane          "Non-linear stability analysis of floating ring bearings using Hopf bifurcation theory" Journal of Mechanical engineering science  2011   



A. Tekaya S. Labdi T. Benameur A. Jellad P. Aubert O. Maciejak      "Déformation inélastique induite par nanoindentation cyclique de verres métalliques à base de Zirconium" Matériaux et techniques 99 2011   



F. Gamaoun I. Skhiri T. Bouraoui         "Effect of the residual deformation on the mechanical behavior of the Ni-Ti alloy charged by hydrogen" Advanced Materials Research 324 2011   



H. Ben Abdelali C. Claudin J. Rech W. Ben Salem Ph. Kapsa A. Dogui      "Experimental characterization of friction coefficients at the Tool-chip-workpiece interface dry cutting of an AISI 1045" Wear  2011   



H. Ben Abdelali C. Courbon J. Rech W. Ben Salem A. Dogui P. Kapsa      "Identification of a friction model at tool-chip-workpiece interface in dry machining of AISI 1045 steel with a TiN coated carbide tool" Journal of tribology 133 2011   



H. BelHadjSalah H. Ben Daly F. Perrin J. Denault        "Non-isothermal crystallization behaviour of clay-reinforced polypropylene nanocomposites" Science and Engineering of Composite Materials 18 2011   



H. Hedfi A. Ghith H. BelHadjSalah         "Dynamic fabric modelling and simulation using deformable models" The Journal of the Textile Institute 102 2011   



T. Zribi A. Khalfallah H. BelHadjSalah         "Inverse method for FLOW STRESS PARAMETERS IDENTIFICATION OF TUBE BULGE HYDROFORMING CONSIDERING ANISOTROPY" International journal of Mechatronics and manufacturing systems 4 2011   



H. Riahi PH. Bressolette A. Chateauneuf R. Fathallah        "Reliability analysis and inspection updating by stochastic response surface of fatigue cracks in mixed mode" Engineering Structures 33 2011   



I. Ben Marzoug L. Allegue F. Sakli S. Roudesli        "Acid, Acrylamid and zeolite modification of cellulosic esparto fibers for dyes decolourisation " BioResources 6 2011   



J. C. Cuillière V. François K. Souaissa A. Benamara H. BelHadjSalah       "Automatic comparison and remeshing applied to CAD model modification" Computer-Aided Design 43 2011 Elsevier Scopus 1.542



L. Ghali M. Aloui M. Zidi H. Ben Daly S. Msahli F. Sakli      "Effect of chemical modification of luffa cylindrica fibers on the mechanical and hygrothermal behaviours of polyester/luffa composites" BioResources 6 2011   



H. Hedfi A. Ghith H. BelHadjSalah         "Intelligent evaluation of fabric's elastic properties from simulated drape test" International Journal of computer technology and applications 2 2011   



M. Chouchane A. Amamou          "Bifurcation of limit cycles in fluid film bearings" International journal of Non-linear Mechanics 46 2011   



R. Bahloul           "Optimisation of process parameters in flanging operation in order to minimise stresses and lemaitre's damage" Materials and design 32 2011   



A. Ben Khalifa M. Zidi          "Effect of the resin type on the acoustic activity and the mechanical behavior of E glass/polymer resin ± 55˚ filament wound pipes under axial loading" International Review of Mechanical Engineering 5 2011   



R. Hambli H. Khaterchi C. L. Benhamou         "Multiscale methodology for bone remodelling simulation using coupled finite element and neural network computation" Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 10 2011   



S. Youssef W. Ben Salem A. Brosse H. Hamdi        "Residual stresses and metallurgic transformations induced by grinding" International journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 9 2011   



S. Bennour M. Harshe L. Romdhane J. P. Merlet        "A new experimental set-up based on a parallel cable robot for analysis and control of human motion" Computer methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 14 2011   



S. Chatti N. Hermi          "The effect of non-linear recovery on springback prediction" Computers and Structures 89 2011   



S. Dridi A. Dogui Ph. Boisse         "Finite element analysis of bias extension test using an orthotropic hyperelastic continuum model for woven fabric" The Journal of the Textile Institute  2011 2011   



S. Dridi F. Morestin A. Dogui         "Use of digital image correlation to analyse the shearing deformation in woven fabric" Experimental Techniques  2011   



S. Chatti           "Modeling of the elastic modulus evolution in unloading -reloading stages" International journal of Material forming  2011   



Z. Ktari Z. Tourki H. Sidhom M. A. Gahbiche        "On the interaction between transformation induced plasticity and the austenitic stainless anisotropy (AISI 304) under shear loading path" Materials and design 32 2011   



H. Hedfi A. Ghith H. BelHadjSalah         "Study of dynamic drape behaviour of fabric using FEM" International journal of engineering Science and technology 3 2011   

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